Vision SQL

Vision SQL

An embeddable database emulator in JavaScript that runs privately in your browser

What's it?

Vision SQL is a JavaScript database specifically designed for the Cloud and running in the Cloud.

It transforms REST and GraphQL APIS into a virtual relational database with support for standard SQL running in the security context of the calling user.


By running SQL in the frontend (user's browser), Vision SQL resolves all the problems associated to backend SQL databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server): performance, reliability, scalability, security and privacy.

Uses cases (AI)

Vision SQL allows to reduce a lot time and costs to support AI in Cloud applications. It transforms any REST and GarphQL API into a well-defined data model for AI fine-tuning. 

With Vision SQL,  you can support AI in your applications in a straightforward way at a fraction of the cost, preserving data privacy and without breaking application permissions.